Signs a Guy is Cheating?

Take away the excuses, the rationalizations, the justifications for wondering.... what does your gut tell you?

If you are questioning, wondering, and asking yourself if a guy is cheating, your gut may well be telling you something you do not want to here.

Now, there are those women who are filled with anxiety, insecurity, and over the top jealousy, who misread signals and who have a history of not dealing well with reality. However, more often than not, your gut is honest, accurate, and giving you information of which you may not be consciously aware.

If you are feeling uncomfortable, unsettled, or getting some of those little nudges that something is just not right in your relationship, it may be helpful to take some time and acknowledge what it is that makes you wonder. What have you noticed? What seems inconsistent? What is different, out of character, or unusual?

What are your instincts telling you?

Now the hard part: allow yourself to be honest. To know one's partner is cheating is not something anyone wants to hear which is why women often go in to a state of denial and excuse making. Woman do not want to face the fact that their love interest has found someone else.

But you want the truth. Better to face reality than live with a man who is dishonest, cheating, and lying to you. Right? Right!

If you are in need of clear and specific clues that may help you know if a guy is cheating on you ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is his behavior out of character? Is he more attentive? Less attentive? Buying gifts? Acting strange in some way? Is he less available? Calling more or less than usual? Is he constantly making excuses for his behavior? Apologizing and over compensating for something?
  2. Is he moody? Constantly fighting? Walking out when things get tense? Hanging up? Seem irritable?
  3. Is he removing himself from your life? Does he talk less? Have nothing to say? Seem bored with you? Does he seem "somewhere else"? Have little to say to you about anything? Is he disinterested and emotional unavailable?
  4. Has the romance disappeared? Does he no longer tell you he loves you? Has sex diminished? Does he seem oblivious to your kindness and love? Is there little or no physical contact or affection, like hand holding, back rubs, etc.
  5. Is he suddenly concerned with his appearance? Is he newly concerned with clothes? Have a new hairstyle? Wearing cologne for the first time in years? Spending more time getting ready, purchasing products, or getting a whole new look?
  6. Does he have newly formed opinions? Is he participating in unusual activities? Discussing new ideas or thoughts? Interested in topics never before mentioned?
  7. Does he talk less or more about a co-worker, friend, or colleague? He may start talking about a "friend," hoping to give the impression there is nothing going on. Or, he may all of a sudden stop talking about anything at work.
  8. Are there very obvious clues that you have ignored? Have you found receipts from a hotel? Answered the phone and someone hangs up? Walked in while your guys was on the computer and he quickly deletes his email? Noticed frequent texts to some unknown person?
Obviously not every single item on the above list means a man is cheating. But if you sense something is not right, if you have a gut feeling that your guy is lying or deceiving you, it may be a good idea to take a good hard look at what is going on, and listen to what your instincts are telling you!