25 Ways to Tell if he’s a jerk

Here are some tips to help you decide whether or not he's a jerk before it is too late.

He Might Be a Jerk If

  1. He goes through your purse without permission. What is he looking for and why is he beng so secretive about it?  
  2. He purposely hangs around girls you don't like. You have told him you don't trust her. But yet he offers to dance with her. Bad sign.
  3.  He makes you feel you are overreacting when you are not. Yes, breaking a promise is worth getting upset over.
  4. You feel fearful or anxious around him. Obviously something here isn't right.
  5. He points out your anatomical flaws. "your nose is too big", "your hips are too wide", or "your breasts are too small". You deserve better than this.
  6. He tell you how you should look. If he doesn't like what your wearing or how you've done your make-up because you'll draw attention. He's a jerk.
  7. He doesn't put in any effort. If he's not putting in an effort to get involved in your life. Don't bother getting involved in his.
  8. His friends keep secrets about him from you. Whatever they are hiding from you can't be good.
  9. He is constantly pointing out other women. If other women interest him so much then let him go be with those other women. He's not worth your time.
  10. He lies all the time. If you are often catching him in lies. Even small ones. This is not a good sign. What else could he being lying about?
  11. Your friends and/or family say he is. Yes, listen to your mom when she tells you you can do better. She's likely right.
  12. He is a jerk if he calls you by the wrong name. This is never a good thing.
  13. He calls you when he knows your busy. If it's an emergency, then fine. But if he calls more often when you are out having fun than when he knows your home alone. He's a jerk.
  14. He brags all the time. Sure well all like to hint at our successes. But if this happens frequently, he's a jerk.
  15. You feel the need to hide things from him. He loves you for you right? Then why would you need to hide things from him.
  16. He is a jerk if he treats his pets poorly. This shows you how he treats others he feels are "below him".
  17. He is a jerk if he's abusive. This isn't just physical abuse. If he's emotionally abusive you need to get out of there.
  18. You feel you have to prove yourself to him. You don't. A man who truly cares about you loves you for who you are already.
  19. He tells you how to feel. If he always tells you how you should feel, what you need, and what you want. He's no good. It's YOUR personality that determines these factors. Not him.
  20. He ignores you when your speaking to him. A good man cares about what you have to say. Or at least is honest enough to let you know he has no interest in hearing about the new tampons you want to try out.
  21. You feel deep down inside he is a jerk. No, it's not you. It's him. Don't make up excuses for him and tell yourself it's your fault.
  22. You are constantly doing things you don't want to do. Sure every now and then we compromise to make each other happy. But remember this goes both ways. And if he has you doing things that you feel are wrong. They are WRONG.
  23. He keeps telling you how popular he is with the women. You don't have time for this. He's likely lying anyway.
  24. You have to make up excuses for him. "He isn't always like this" or "he's busy, that's all", if you find yourself often repeating these phrases or similar phrases. Your man is likely a jerk.
  25. He treats his mother poorly. If he has a good relationship with his mother you know how he treats the important women in his live.
If you are doubting your man right about now. He is likely a jerk. Don't forget about your own self-worth. You can do better.