What to do if a Guy Doesn't Call you Back?

You had a great evening... you totally clicked.... he said he would give you a call tomorrow... it has been a week... he doesn't call. You call him, leave a message or two, he doesn't call back.

What do you do?
You get the message and move on. You learn from your mistake and create a great future for yourself without him.

If a guy doesn't call back, he is giving you a message loud and clear. He doesn't want to call you. He is not interested. That is it.

Unless he is in the hospital and can't use the phone, or kidnapped and sent to some remote country, or not alive.... if he isn't calling there is a reason and the reason is he is not interested.

This is not a message women want to hear. So they come up with all sorts of excuses... he is shy, he is afraid, he is busy, he lost my number, his mother needs him, whatever.

The reality is, women come up with excuses because they don't want to face the truth. The truth is the guy is not interested and is too disrespectful to speak with you about it. Easier to just not ever talk to you again and move on.

It hurts. Absolutely. It is not easy to face the reality of the situation. The good news is however, you do not want a guy like this. You can let this not-so-great guy go, and find someone who is great. You can learn from this mistake. You can move on.

Don't waste another minute on this. Grieve if you must (I'll give you five minutes), and then let him go.
You don't need to coerce, tempt, plead, manipulate, or beg for attention or to be loved.

Don't give your power away to someone who is not that great and who doesn't want you! Gather your strength, energy, and self-esteem and put the experience behind you.

You deserve a great guy. You deserve a guy who is respectful, kind, and decent.

And most of all, you deserve a guy who wants you!