You Don't Need a Guy Who..... Ten reasons to get out of a bad relationship!

Many women seem to have this need to be with a guy. We humans do like relationships but what is disconcerting is the idea that as long as a woman has a man all is well.

Not so!
Having a guy in your life should not be the dream; how about having a decent guy in your life?

A great relationship is one where both partners are helping and supporting each other, sharing their lives together, bringing out the best in one another.

Too often women seem to take whomever is available rather than pondering what is going on in her life as a result of the relationship.

So here is a brief list of some things to look for to help you know if a guy is not right for you:

You don't need a guys who...

  1. Makes you feel like a piece of garbage
  2. Lies, deceives and manipulates you
  3. Can't be faithful
  4. Doesn't think you are amazing
  5. Can't stop thinking about former or future relationships
  6. Is rude, disrespectful, and mean
  7. Requires you dismiss or ignore your personal standards, ethics, and sense of morality
  8. Embarrasses and humiliates you
  9. Uses you
  10. Abuses you!
I know this list is nothing new. We all know this but sometimes it is good to have a reminder so we can take a good honest look at the relationship and see it for what it is.
It is great to find a fabulous man and to have a healthy and vibrant relationship; what is not so good is to be with a guy who treats your poorly and who diminishes and degrades you.

No guy is worth giving up your emotional, physical, or spiritual well being.

If you are in a relationship that you know is harming your very soul, time to get out and move on. I know it is not always a simple and easy task nevertheless, best to not give another day to a man who is hurting your life!

Be safe!