The Ten Most Important Beauty Secrets Ever!

We women are bombarded with thousands of products claiming to help us appear beautiful, young, and attractive to others. We are told that one magic potion or some special formula will make us look fabulously gorgeous, unbelievable glamorous, and forever young.

But I believe that the most wonderful, powerful, and authentic beauty secrets are free and available to every woman in the world.

Let me share the ten most important beauty secrets ever!

  1. A genuine smile.
    There is nothing in the world more attractive. A smile is worth a hundred times more than the most expensive sparkly lipstick. Many years ago I came upon some research attempting to discover what made a woman attractive. The researchers showed hundred of men pictures of all sorts of women and asked them who they would ask out for a date hoping for a long term relationship. It was overwhelmingly clear that the women who were smiling were the ones men found attractive.*Regardless of shape, hair color, height, or any number of measurements, it was a smile that was compelling.
  2. Bright eyes.
    While we may be misled to think that beautiful eyes are created with the thickest, luscious mascara, a new make-up technique, or the right color eye-shadow, bright eyes filled with wonder, interest, peace, curiosity, and concern capture us. The eyes are the window to the soul, they entreat us, compel us, and connect us to one another.
  3. Health.
    Now, I am not talking about those who have a model form and are in perfect shape.... I mean those with a healthy outlook on life, those who care and respect their form, those who have a balanced and centered life. As humans in spite of the greatest care we may not always be in optimum physical, spiritual, and/or emotional health (I believe we need the difficult challenges to grow and develop). But if our underlying sense of self is healthy, if our worldview is one of peace and strength, we can go through the difficult times where our health is challenged with dignity. I've seen the beauty of those who face death with gentleness. I've seen the heartbroken remain beautiful as they hold onto hope and faith amidst enormous difficulty. I've seen those struggling with serious health concerns retain the self-respect and honor that reflects the beauty within.
  4. Graciousness.
    I can't think of a more beautiful trait than graciousness. That loveliest of qualities that helps us feel accepted, cared for, and loved. Graciousness is a dignity filled with respect, concern, and acceptance. It is embracing the highest human qualities while releasing the base and tawdry. Graciousness is ultimately ennobling and fills us with reverence for life and each other. When we are in the presence of a gracious person, we feel the wonder of their beauty and feel beautiful ourselves.
  5. A tender gaze.
    There are few things in life that fill us with peace and love and joy as a tender gaze. Looking at others with love and care is more attractive than all the beauty products humans could ever create. Whether a mother gazes upon her newborn, or lovers gaze upon their beloved, a tender gaze must be one of the most alluring abilities of all.
  6. Hands that reach for others.
    There is a deep alluring grace in those whose lives are dedicated to service, care, and support of those in need. It is as if the souls that live to care and love the world are filled with the very essence of what is beautiful. I do not know of anything more wondrous, majestic, and glorious than seeing the compassion of one human for another.
  7. An Authentic Soul.
    Being in the presence of another who is expressing their true self is like seeing a flower in full bloom. On the other hand, when we see those who are trying to be something other than what they are, we miss their unique beauty.
  8. A radiant aura.
    When all is said and done, true beauty is clearly not a provocative form, a mask or pretense, or glamorous sexy clothing we put on our form. True beauty is a positive, healing, nurturing energy that IS us.
  9. Confidence and humility.
    These come together because they require balance. Over confidence can become elitism, even egotism while humility can move toward insecurity and low self-esteem. What is absolutely gorgeous is a being who is confident and has a strong sense of self blended with an awareness and honoring of the grandeur of their place in the universe.
  10. A Loving spirit.
    There is nothing more attractive than being in the presence of a spirit who loves others and who loves life. Love is a powerful force and humankind is in desperate need of those who can share their love with the world.

True beauty is the pure energy that radiates from our hearts.

Whether you are a young woman who may have bought into the myth of what the world is trying to tell you is beautiful, or if you are a woman moving into a phase of life where the world is telling you, you are no longer beautiful, my hope is to remind us all that we do not have to buy into the superficiality of masks and outward appearance to be valuable and beautiful.

While it is important to care for ourselves, to have respect for our forms, and to honor our bodies; and it is lovely to appropriately attend to our outward appearance, may we not forget that our true beauty is inside, radiating peace, joy, care, and love to the world.

You are a beautiful being... don't forget it!