Why I Started this Blog... and the death of my brother

Periodically I get some less than kind emails from people who seem to think I must hate men or have had some horrible experience with men hence I have an "issue."

Not so... the truth is, (and as most readers recognize), I started this blog because I believe there are many fabulous men in this world who are not given a chance, and women who may have a difficult time recognizing the truly great men who are available. My hope is to help women see what makes a great guy and help them stay away from men who are abusive and cruel.

In my opinion, the more women value themselves, and value the things that are important in life, the less they will be victims of abuse. The higher the self-esteem of a woman, the less frequently she will partner with a man who needs power and control over her.

I have been fortunate to have many incredible men in my life playing numerous rolls. One particularly amazing man just left this world.

Last week, after a long and difficult struggle with cancer my incredible brother died.

When I think of truly great men, my brother immediately comes to mind. He exemplified what it means to be a man of honor, integrity, kindness, and decency. He was the epitome of excellence in character, behavior, and goodness. He was a truly great man in every way.

He was and always will be an inspiration to all those who knew him. He was an example of what it means to be an exceptional human being.

I miss him so much.

To the many people who have recently emailed me or left comments, please accept my apology for not responding. Over the last few months, I have been out of town away from my computer, spending time with my brother through his approaching death, and finally attending his funeral.

Love to all,